Thursday, March 30, 2017

Vote for our zoo

Learners after reading the book ‘Vote for our zoo’ understood the importance the voting. They enjoyed the guided reading session and reflected their understanding through a role play.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Election Process

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The process started with the registration day wherein the interested learners registered themselves for the class captain and vice-captain post.

Next was the campaigning day wherein the learners made posters and tried to convince the audience to select them as a candidate for the post.

Moving further was the speech day; the selected candidates prepared a speech for the citizens of PYP 3 and delivered in front of them. They mentioned the role of the class captain and the things they will do for the betterment of the class.

Now, the learners are waiting for the final day to arrive where they will vote for their class captain and vice-captain.

Online Flowchart

Learners worked in groups to design an online flowchart showing the Hierarchy of the Indian Government system. This was their Assessment for learning for the second LOI "The way Government Works'.

Most Awaited Day

Finally the day arrived!!

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Enthusiastic learners of PYP 3 finally voted for their class captain and vice -captain. The curious learners are now waiting for the results to be announced.

My Own Blog

Under the theme "Who we are " learners of PYP 3 were able to  research about types of senses using google search engine and able to create a blog using blogger.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Learners had guest speakers who shared about the various types of governance in the World.

Mr. Thomas Puetz helped the learners analyse how citizen’s mind set is changed for accepting a particular type of governance. He helped them understand this with the help of story about Adolf Hitler’s Dictatorship rule.

Ms. Monika Bajaj shared about how France became a Democratic Republic from Monarchy after the French Revolution.

Mrs. Vishakha Pujari narrated a story about how India achieved its independence and became a democratic country in Hindi language.

Mr. Surendra Chouhan shared his expertise about the government of China. Learners gained valuable insight about the governing system of China. It was an interactive session and kids enjoyed sharing their thoughts with him.

Ms. Aparna Gosh shared about the governance of Saudi Arabia and helped the learners know about how it rules. She also showed learners videos related to it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Time to have fun!

Keeping in the mind the central idea We can apply a range of fundamental movement skills to a variety of physical activities” (Football & Swimming). Learners were explored about football’s basic drills like dribbling, receiving, passing, kicking & fitness activity. After learning basic drills learners performed the fundamental movement skills during their match practice. While playing match they had a great fun. Learners showed great enthusiasm during their PE lessons. During their swimming lessons they were instructed about the basic skills of swimming like leg movement with floor, leg movement with rode, breathing as well as some strokes were instructed like butterfly, breast stroke, free sty.

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Tired King

In this lesson, learners were introduced to the three functions of government (legislative, judicial, and executive) through a story about an overworked king who used to handle all the tasks of government. Next, learners were given descriptions of the three functions of government and asked to match tasks to departments (lawmakers, executives, and judges). Finally, they created job descriptions for lawmakers, executives, and judges.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Think Dots Strategy

Learners have gained essential knowledge, understanding, and skill about the topic money in Mathematics. They used Think Dots strategy to review, demonstrate, and extend their thinking on the same. It is a strategy made of six cards; each card has a question or a task that asks learners to work directly with important knowledge, understanding and skills. PYP 3 kids enjoyed rolling the dice and selecting the activity of their wish. They also assessed their peers in the group. Overall, the learning engagement proved to be very fruitful for the learners.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Brainstorming Session

Today learners of PYP 3 had a wonderful brainstorming session on types of government. They also watched videos related to it and shared their prior knowledge about it.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Video Time

Learners were shown various videos about the need and forms of government followed by a brainstorming session on why we need a government. They actively participated in the discussion by asking relevant questions.