Friday, March 24, 2017

Learners had guest speakers who shared about the various types of governance in the World.

Mr. Thomas Puetz helped the learners analyse how citizen’s mind set is changed for accepting a particular type of governance. He helped them understand this with the help of story about Adolf Hitler’s Dictatorship rule.

Ms. Monika Bajaj shared about how France became a Democratic Republic from Monarchy after the French Revolution.

Mrs. Vishakha Pujari narrated a story about how India achieved its independence and became a democratic country in Hindi language.

Mr. Surendra Chouhan shared his expertise about the government of China. Learners gained valuable insight about the governing system of China. It was an interactive session and kids enjoyed sharing their thoughts with him.

Ms. Aparna Gosh shared about the governance of Saudi Arabia and helped the learners know about how it rules. She also showed learners videos related to it.

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